Graphiter 2.0 Beta!

Graphiter 2.0! Yes! … a beta version … but Yes!!!
I know … I know … you are probably thinking … well, it’s about time!
And you are correct to think so.
My sincere apologies for the delay in releasing this version.
All I can say is,
You plan, and then life happens 🙂

So what’s coming? you might ask,
Lots of goodies…here is the top of the list:

  • A sketch book layout for better grouping and organizing your drawings.
    The sketch book feature will allow you not only to organize your art, but also to set your default paper color,
    type and size.
  • A new and exciting Ink Pen tool. The pen tool has two sub-types,
    one for fine ink drawing and a second type with varying width.
    Get creative!
  • Basic layers support, with opacity and reordering.
  • Paper rotation – this just makes me smile 🙂
  • An improved color picker with recent colors saves.
  • Your most recent tool settings are now saved as well.
  • Major improvements to stability and art saving.
  • Improved pen calibration.
  • Improved blend tool for more accurate color blending.

And many other minor changes and improvements that you will notice as you use the app.

Release Date?
currently the beta testing program is ongoing and the target date for the official 2.0 release,
is on Sep 7, 2016 which happens to be the Two Year Anniversary of Graphiter.

In the meanwhile,
Thank you so much, for supporting Graphiter through your downloads and your feedback!
I am hoping that you all will like the version 2.0 and as always,
Keep releasing your inner artist!

– MM

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