Graphiter v2.0 Gradual Rollout

Hi Everyone,
On Sep 07, 2016 according to plan, we started a gradual rollout of Graphiter v2.0 to our users around the world.
Please note, that during the next couple of weeks,
you might experience seeing information describing Graphiter v2.0 in the store,
and yet, downloading the previous version 1.7.2.
I apologize for the confusing experience,
this is only temporary and until we complete the rollout – I assure you that the wait will pay off.

In the meantime, checkout out our beta announcement to learn more about the upcoming features in Graphiter v2.0

Oh…and a small surprise,
In the last minute we decided to add the ability to import images into Graphiter,
which allows you to expand your creativity, using existing drawings and photos.

So stay tuned during the next couple of weeks, and check the store for the coming update…

Keep on releasing your inner artist!
– MM

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