Graphiter v2.0 Help for Windows 10

Welcome to Graphiter v2.0!
This version of Graphiter was designed from the ground up to allow for a better sketching experience, and is packed with some cool new features.

Let’s take a look at the new home page for a starter…

Home page for version 2.0

As you can see, the home page now displays a sketch book. Sketch books is how you can organize your sketches into various categories such as ‘Portraits’, ‘Animals’, ‘Still Life’ etc.

The buttons in the bottom bar help you create add  a new sketch book, see information  info  regarding an existing sketch book, open the settings  settings  panel or access the online help help for Graphiter.

Note: If you upgraded Graphiter from a previous version, the default sketch book that was created for you contains your previous sketches and drawings.

Next, take a look at the new options that are available for you when you create a sketch book.

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