Create a new Sketch Book

Sketch books are a newly introduced feature in Graphiter 2.0
Sketch books help you organize your sketches into various categories such as ‘Portraits’, ‘Animals’, ‘Still Life’ etc.
And just like in real life, Sketch books have a cover, a size, an orientation and a paper type and color.

Take a look at the screen and the various options when creating a sketch book,

Create Sketch page in version 2.0

The workflow is quite simple:
1. Name your sketch book.
2. Select your paper size.
3. Select your page orientation.
4. Select a cover for your sketch book. (In future versions you’ll be able to set one of your sketches as a cover)
5. Select a paper type for your sketch book.

Using the buttons in the bottom bar, you can Accept and save your changes or Delete the current sketch book. To cancel your changes close the sketch book options screen using the Close button on the top right of the screen.

Now that you created a sketch book, lets take a look inside…

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