Graphiter has several powerful tools for sketching and drawing.
The Graphite Pencil and the Eraser are available with the free download, and the Ink Pen, the Blend and the Color Pencil are available for purchase from within the app.

pencil The Graphite Pencil

The unique Graphite Pencil is a realistic looking Graphite Pencil which comes with 14 presets ranging from 4H to 8B.
Picking the appropriate preset will enable you to control the value of your drawing, allowing you to apply perfect shading and gradients to your drawings.

color-pencil The Color Pencil

The Color Pencil, helps you add dimension to your drawings. Together with toned papers your dynamic range reaches no limits.

ink-pen The Ink Pen

The Ink Pen having a graceful flow for smooth line, allows you to add new character to your sketches. Whether it is for calligraphy or fine contour lines, the Ink Pen hits the target.

blend The Blend Tool

The Graphiter Blend Tool, is thought of by most as the best blend tool out there. Use it to create smooth gradients and realistic looking drawing adding volume to your art.

eraser The Eraser

Just use it to erase stuff 😉

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